Monday, February 20, 2012

So You Think You Can Meditate?

It has been a while since I have actually sat down to post in this blog again, so here goes.

Over the past few weeks I have found myself looking for different methods of meditation, going over countless exercises, all in the hope of achieving that empty, clear state of mind. As time went on, I found that using audio tracks from CD's and from the computer helped a lot. I think there is just something about sitting still and trying to focus that just gets to me, so having something to take my mind off...well...taking my mind off things, really helped.

After trawling the internet for decent audio tracks and meditation tapes and at the risk of sounding daft or cheesy, I did find something useful about the way some audio tracks worked. Simple tracks with plain audio didn't seem to help much at all, whereas (this is where it gets weird) audio tracks with subliminal and/or hypnotic inductions were incredible. The difference between a plain "vanilla" meditation track and one with subliminal inductions was huge. After listening to my older tracks, I didn't really feel all that relaxed, calm or "centred" (which is what your supposed to achieve, right?).

What the subliminal and hypnotic induction tracks did was actually pull me into a deep, contemplative space, somewhere that once I had woken up, I hadn't realised I had been meditating for hours! The first time this happened I could have easily believed I'd been asleep, were it not for the fact that I had my eyes open the whole time.

After using a few different tracks, and I'll be honest, spending a bit of pocket cheddar, I came across a dude by the name of Dr. Vitale. He was selling the Ultimate Clearing Meditation audio tracks. Feel free to have a look here and leave a comment in the appropriate section. Do you like/ have you tried meditation?

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