Thursday, September 2, 2010

Powderfinger with The Vines and Ghost Hotel

The following are some shots I got at Powderfinger's opening night of their Sunsets Farewell Tour. Opening for them were The Ghost Hotel and The Vines.

Halfway through the set, they left the stage. In their place, a huge multimedia show involving stock footage of  Cold War era space flights and atomic bombs being detonated, all to the sounds of traditional Russian folk music. When it had finished, the band emerged at a smaller stage in the centre of the crowd, where they proceeded to rock out with even more vigour than was previously thought possible by anyone.

Lead singer Bernard Fanning, after leaving the stage for two songs, emerged onto the original stage, playing an acoustic piece.

The big finale

This was by far the best rock concert I have ever been to. Fantastic performances by the musos, and flawless work by their crew, as well as an awesome light show, led to this being a standout performance by Powderfinger, and a perfect way to kick into Spring. On top of this, punters were able to pick up a recording of the show right after. This was made possible by Abbey Road Live Here Now. 
As a performing musician, it was great to see real professionals work so hard and put on such a wonderful show. The fact that Powderfinger have been on the Australian music scene for nearly 20 years means that you would expect nothing less. 

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