Monday, August 30, 2010

Guitar Heaven

Okay, for all you budding guitarists out there, could I get your opinion on the Ibanez Artcore series of hollowbody guitars? Ever played on? Own one? Like it/don't like it? Sorry about the poor photo, but thats my baby. I picked it up when I did work experience in a local music shop. The reason I got an Ibanez, mid range guitar is solely due to financial constraints. But as time went on, I began to warm to it. It truly is a worthy choice for anyone looking to move on from their beginner axe.

In other guitar-related news, the music shop that I now work in is selling a ramshackle, custom Fender Stratocaster. When I say Fender Strat, I mean that it has bits of scrapped Fender guitars added to it, such as genuine Fender machine-heads, a neck/headstock from a different strat, a custom-built body from a local luthier's, and singlecoil pickups from yet another guitar. I shall be aquiring this beauty in a few hours and posting some pics also.

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